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Multiple Stuff Nanodesu ;D

100 Adoptables Challenge

1. Video Game: Adoptable 1 - Videogame  (CLOSED) by LavaSpinosaurus -CLOSED-
2. Death: Adoptable 2 - Death (CLOSED) by LavaSpinosaurus -CLOSED-
3. Underwater: Adoptable 3 - Underwater (CLOSED) by LavaSpinosaurus -CLOSED-
4. 4th of July: Adoptable 4 - Fourth Of July (CLOSED) by LavaSpinosaurus -CLOSED-
5. Night Time: Adoptable 5 - Night Time (CLOSED) by LavaSpinosaurus -CLOSED-
6. Birthday:
7. Far away:
8. Emo:
9. Cuddle:
10. Stuffed animal:
11. Demon:
12. Bubble:
13. Reflection:
14. Darkness:
15. Flight:
16. Scared:
17. Painted:
18. Hatred:
19. Ugly:
20. Beautiful:
21. Spike:
22. Go away:
23. Believe:
24. Snow:
25. Waterfall:
26. Fate:
27. Needle:
28. Alone again:
29. Glow:
30. Rave:
31. Color splash:
32. Flower:
33. Stardust:
34. Dragon:
35. Caution:
36. Battle:
37. Save me:
38. Elements:
39. Torture:
40. Wrath:
41. Natural:
42. Run:
43. Tree:
44. Hands in the air:
45. Hidden:
46. Shout:
47. Teehee!:
48. Harmony:
49. Smile:
50. Dreaming:
51. Moon:
52. Fall:
53. Tears:
54. Jumping:
55. Chase:
56. Eating:
57. Twins:
58. Together:
59. Fishing:
60. Rainbow:
61. Colorful:
62. Psychotic:
63. Fantasy:
64. Rollin' around:
65. Teeth:
66. Equilibrium:
67. Scale:
68. Fruit:
69. Warcraft:
70. Depressed:
71. Famous:
72. Rainbow:
73. Lightning:
74. Welcome back:
75. Sword:
76. Nature:
78. Beauty and the Beast:
79. Innocent:
80. Mutation:
81. Perspective:
82. Dash:
83. Fluffy:
84. Skeleton:
85. Music:
86. Angel:
87. Dance:
88. Porcupine:
89. Venom:
90. Climb:
91. Above the clouds:
92. Rockin' out:
93. Poke:
94. Adorable:
95. Yard Sale:
96. Hello:
97. Upside-down:
98. Ouch!:
99. Elegant:
100. Our time is now:

100 Themes Challenge Progress

1. Names
2. Hardship
3. School
4. Opinion
5. Break Up
6. New Love
7. Alley
8. Riddle
9. You and Me
10. I Do
11. Secret
13. Colors
14. Cruel
15. Kings, Queens, and Jokers
16. Run Free
17. Where are the Crackers?
18. Life
19. R is for Revenge
20. Burning
21. Do You Want To Know?
22. Discovery
23. Birthday
24. Rocks Aren't the Same
25. Shadow
26. Fate
27. Freedom Isn't Free
28. Wildflowers
29. Energy
30. Notes
31. Numbers
32. Dying Fire
33. Breaking Point
34. Fish
35. Trapped
36. Dancing
37. Don't Go
38. Alone
39. Betrayal
40. Due Date
41. Sealed in Blood
42. Impossible
43. Party
44. Sparkle
45. Be a Man
46. Go For a Swim
47. Am I Dreaming?
48. Too Good To Be True
49. BAD
50. 50%
51. Elemental Tempest
52. Too Late
53. But I DIDN'T Do It
54. Hot
55. Optimism
56. Lucky 13
57. I'm In
58. Slightly Disturbed
59. Loathing
60. Worse
61. Speak
62. Toys
63. Ocean
64. Deceived
65. Black and White
66. Whatever
67. Death
68. Jump
69. Broken Promise
70. All the Little Things
71. Six Feet Underground
72. Bug
73. Alibi
74. On Holiday
75. No News
76. Under the Stars
77. Running Away
78. Window
79. Make Me Happy
80. Villain
81. Masquerade
82. Don't Make a Sound
83. Cold
84. Umbrella
85. Please
86. To and From
87. Say When
88. On Top of the World
89. Forgiveness
90. Mr. Mom
91. Doomsday Clock
92. Gold
93. Unstoppable
94. Race
95. Time is Running Short
96. Not Over Yet
97. This is Home
98. Almost
99. Tranquil
100. Peace at Last

[100 Themes By: :iconsora-horsey:]

Does my pick up line affect you? : You should come to my house and watch Mirai Nikki, I have all the episodes on DVD, dubbed or subbed ;) 

4 deviants said that's how you get da bitches
No deviants said I'm coming over now to watch Mirai Nikki [ayyy :'D]
No deviants said what is a mirai nikki
No deviants said NEIN.




:bulletgreen: = Almost done.
:bulletred: = Not started.
:bulletblue: = Halfway done.
:bulletpurple: = Started
:bulletwhite: = Has not been paid yet.

Mirai Nikki n Stuff

Happy Easter!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 20, 2014, 3:44 PM
...unless you celebrate something else :D
then um, happy whatever you celebrate is >w<
cause I dunno ;3;
So for once, I did not get brutally attacked by my sister for an Easter egg! :D
Keep in mind I'm 15 and she's 23 and she's BRUTALLY ATTACKING ME for an Easter egg.
an Easter egg
I won this year though~ nyaaa. I had 26 and she had 24.  But my mom told me to give her one so we'd be equal.
But yeah.
Also, I got the Hunger Games: Catching Fire!!! :'D thanks mommy >W<
so I have too much candy, still from Valentine's day and then from today and I'm not a candy person so hnnnghh.
I also still have Christmas candy and I never eat my Halloween candy o^o I'm a weird child.

  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: hanyuuu
  • Reading: hanyuu
  • Watching: hanyuuuuu
  • Playing: yukiii
  • Eating: yuki
  • Drinking: cherry coke ayyy


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Yo, call me Lava or Lava-chan my lovelies <3 Lava Journal Doll [Fox] by LavaSpinosaurusCommission - Wolf by coolspyro17Zoe Wing Flap [Journal Doll] by LavaSpinosaurusWolf and Shiomi [Journal Doll] by LavaSpinosaurus

Shit about me:

>15 year old higurashi-addicted freak :iconhigurashiplz:
>weeee I either want to be some sort of artist/animator, a marine biologist, or some person who works at an aquarium/museum in le dinosaur section so I may educate people *^*
>I love Hanyuu. Not much more to say about that. :iconoyashiro-samaplz:
>I also love Yukiteru Amano, I just want to snuggle him :heart:
>Jurassic Park movies are the best. :iconjurassicparkplz:
>I love drawing crazy/psychotic/bloody things
>has strange love for scythes and sharks.
>basking sharks scare the shit out of me
>so does BigFoot, and yet I love basking sharks and sasquatches??
>Finding BigFoot is my favorite non-anime show
>I love wolves and foxes.
>I love Spinosaurus :iconspinosaurusplz:
>I love my friends, family, and instagram followers. And just pretty much everyone in general.
>I’m a shy ass person
>dinosaurs are beautiful
>I lovelove roleplaying

Um kay then bros.
If for some reason you want to be my friend I always love making new friends and talking to new people so yeah talk to me bros ;)

Love you,

Photoshop Elements 11, MS Paint
-I draw with a mouse BTW I don't own a tablet-
pencils, pens, markers, colored pencils, crayons, le sketch book

Couples I Support:
YUKITERUXHANYUU :iconyukiteruxhanyuu:, MionXKeiichi, ShionXSatoshi, HayamiXTakuma, HanyuuXKeiichi, RikaXAkasaka, CodyXBailey, NemuruXHiroshi, DilophosaurusXHanyuu , NyaaXMeow

Beautiful People <3
:iconestonianbreakfast: :iconhappyhippowdon: :icontwowkittybang: :iconilleh-monster12: :iconthecreatorscreations: :iconglitchings: :iconartfreak-101: :iconendiria: :iconotakucyn: :iconphantomhivelen: :iconglenny45: :iconcerridywyn: :icongosickgal::iconchowderluv::iconseshiriachan:

Current Residence: Isla Sorna ;)
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Metal, Screamo, Pop, Japanese Music XD
Favourite cartoon character: Hanyuu, Rika, Yukiteru, Minene, moar+
Personal Quote: naw bro im good

YOUTUBE: Spinogurl66
INSTAGRAM: hanyuu_chan AND lava_chan


Flat Colored Chibi
I Broke The Glass by LavaSpinosaurus
its hard to fly by LavaSpinosaurus
A chibi that's just colored, with no shading, and either a transparent or single colored background of your choice.
Please use this when requesting:

Character(s): [please put a link to a reference]
Background Type:
Full Chibi
i'm sick hanyuu's sick we're all sick by LavaSpinosaurus
Love Me Dead by LavaSpinosaurus
Our Little World by LavaSpinosaurus
Life Starts Now by LavaSpinosaurus
A fully colored + shaded chibi with a transparent, single colored, or simple background of your choice.
Please fill out this when requesting:

Character(s): [please provide a reference]
Type of Background:
Flat Colored Commission
Purplethorn and Burntflame by LavaSpinosaurus
Blood Mask by LavaSpinosaurus
Chark by LavaSpinosaurus
Kyo [Referenceee] by LavaSpinosaurus
No shading, just colored (maybe with a few added effects, like the one with the dark border and blood splat above).  Transparent or single colored background of your choice.
Please use this when requesting:

Character(s): [please provide a reference]
Type of Background:
Full Commission
Silence by LavaSpinosaurus
You Are Only Seen As... by LavaSpinosaurus
And Even Though You're Next To Me... by LavaSpinosaurus
Shading + Color + Background of your choice.  Some effects.

Please use this when requesting:

Character(s): [please provide a reference]
Detailed Commission
DEAD END by LavaSpinosaurus
Rai the Cuddle Monster by LavaSpinosaurus
You Are N3v3r Coming Home by LavaSpinosaurus
No line art, with details n' stuff added.  Any type of background.

Please use this when requesting:

Character(s): [please provide reference]

[sorry this one's kinda a lot, these just take a lot of time!]
Animated Icon
[Commission] Satoko Icon For Otakucyn by LavaSpinosaurus
Icon for  notherewasnodancing by LavaSpinosaurus
Icon for Illeh-Monster12 c: by LavaSpinosaurus
Icon Commisshion For HappyHippowdon by LavaSpinosaurus
Icon For ~Artfreak-101 by LavaSpinosaurus
Simple animated icon.

No shading, just colored.  Single colored background. 

Please use this when requesting:

Character: [please provide a reference]
Type of animation [only simple ones please]:
Background color?:
Journal Doll
Lava Journal Doll [Fox] by LavaSpinosaurus
Zoe Wing Flap [Journal Doll] by LavaSpinosaurus
Shaunn Journal Doll for CoolSpyro17 by LavaSpinosaurus
These are new so I don't have really any examples.

I will only do 1 character per journal doll, shading is optional, and it automatically comes with a transparent background unless you request otherwise.  It could only be a single colored background though.

Types of animations I have available for these:

1. Bouncy
2. Blinking
3. Tail Wag
4. Wing Flap
5. Ear Twitch

Please use this when requesting:

Character: [please provide a reference]
Type of animation?: [you can choose more than one for like a combination.  like in the example it has bouncing and blinking]
*Background if you want a colored one:

* = optional!


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455 / 3,000
:iconemotipcommishopen::icontradesask::iconnorequests: Commissions Located Right Above Here.

Lawd Jeebus Donations
I'm saving up to get friends Premium Membership :heart:

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^ I can't look at that, and not go "HURRRRRRRRRRRRR" XD

Stamps!! :D

Hanyuu Stamp by RoxaSora714 Pouted Lips of Death Stamp by TheWaffleMaiden Mion Sonozaki stamp 3 by Risen-Dawn Keiichi x Mion Stamp by Jeyerre Shion stamp. by DannaSukaira Rika :Nipah: Stamp by Staris-Chan bailey wtf by pastamuffin ISupportCrazyLegs by sora1992 Jurassic Park III Stamp by laprasking I love Velociraptors by WishmasterAlchemist I love Tyrannosaurus Rex by WishmasterAlchemist I love Spinosaurus by WishmasterAlchemist Satoshi x Shion Stamp by MoonHime101 KeiMion Stamp 1 by Risen-Dawn Finding Bigfoot Stamp by seremela05 Atreyu Stamp by fangklaww Blue Wolf Stamp by O-d-a-s Vocaloid Stamp by maxari4 006 Shiny Charizard Stamp by Kevfin Extinction Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Shy Watcher by Mistralla Thylacine stamp by BoboSweet Shy Stamp by Neko-Musume Thylacine Pawprint Stamp by WildSpiritWolf Dragon Stamp by Ryuu-Atrineas I love Orcas by WishmasterAlchemist I love Dolphins by WishmasterAlchemist Scythe Stamp by Mistress-Blood Higurashi Kai Stamp by LiitTutubi Higurashi no NakuKoro ni stamp by JetBlckHrt Higurashi - Hanyuu HAU stamp by AquaFox1 AHHHH Basking shark by Animal-Stamp Supervision stamp by Yukimaru-kun She was like D: stamp by Yukimaru-kun The Lion King 1 by princess-femi-stamps Nonsense by FelixKilldeer Ib Stamp by yumacchi Hanyuu Stamp by DoctorMLoli Stamp Mirai Nikki by MisakiAmour Mirai Nikki Stamps: Minene Uryuu GIF by xGoToSleep Mirai Nikki Yomotsu Hirasaka Stamp GIF by xGoToSleep Minene Uryuu stamp by nerine-yaoi Mirai Nikki Abridged stamp by PsychopathLuxray Another Ninth Stamp. by HausofChizuru LOLTsubaki stamp. by HausofChizuru Minene Stamp by bremm-ruarte Stamp - Mirai Nikki: Yuki 2 by Suxinn Higurashi Stamp by DemonedAway You suck stamp by includeown Shark Finning Stamp by NightmaresLover I -heart- Sharks stamp by LouaWolf Primal Carnage dino stamp by KieraTiger I love Liopleurodon by WishmasterAlchemist Disney Carnotaurus Stamp by JacriaJewels -Stamp / Mirai Nikki. by PrettyHappySTAMPS Love  CRAZY rika stamp by marimora4812 Nothing to Nipah About by SmileWhenDead Dilophosaurus stamp by Jontukka Allosaurus Support Stamp by Kurndi Acrocanthosaurus Stamp by Acro-Sethya Stamp - Yui by Taorero Log Horizon Stamp: Akatsuki 2 by wow1076 Ookami Kakushi Stamp by HaruNatsu1997 Disney Elsa + Ice Magic Stamp by TwilightProwler


Apr 20, 2014
1:02 pm
Apr 20, 2014
7:02 am
Apr 20, 2014
2:10 am
Apr 19, 2014
10:02 pm
Apr 19, 2014
2:32 pm



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So I was stalking looking at your profile and noticed you draw with mouse like gurl chu got skills ;u;
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Aww thanks girl uwu it just takes lots of practice c:
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